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The screenshots below show you how easy it is to capture, mark-up and share an image
using our handy toolsets. Let’s get started.

Sharing your annotated images
You have succcessfully captured your screenshot and added your annotations. Now it's time to share it.

You have a comprehensive set of tools for sharing your image. Now you can copy and paste your screenshot to another application, you can send it by email, you can share it using the ccDevnet goTransfer or you can launch MS Paint to make further changes. The choice is yours.

ccDevnet goTransfer is a secure, robust and reliable file transfer platform. Read More

"Capture, Annotate, Share"

Send by Email
Just one click to launch your email client and your file is ready to send.

A unique filename is created automatically for your image making it easy to index and retrieve as required.

Send via ccDevnet goTransfer
goTransfer is a secure file transfer application from ccDevnet. Free for the first five users, goTransfer enables you to share confidential
documents and ultra-large files with colleagues, partners and suppliers. Hosted on your own private server, goTransfer is easily installed
and managed by your IT administrator.

Send to MS Paint
All screenshots are captured in .png file format (Portable Network Graphics). When you send your screenshots to Microsoft Paint the
application automatically saves a copy to your goScreenCapture folder.

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