About Us

About Us

goScreenCapture.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of ccDevnet Ltd ( www.cc-devnet.com )

Custom Software Development

There are many occasions when businesses find that off-the-shelf software applications simply do not deliver what they need. Custom or bespoke software is written just for your business. It works how you work. You’re not paying for lots of redundant features or struggling to integrate it with your existing systems. Instead, you get a software application with the capacity to grow and change as your business needs evolve. Bespoke software solutions from ccDevnet are designed to make you a more efficient, productive and competitive organization.

Our Expertise

London based ccDevnet Ltd is a software development company that builds bespoke Windows client-server, native mobile and MVC web applications for business. We also offer IT consultancy, development components and complete software packages such as our innovative Data Access Server and managed file transfer system that resides on your own business server.

Our Approach to Software Development

All business analysis, software design and project management is performed by senior ccDevnet IT professionals. We can do everything for you from initial scoping and project feasibility to producing a detailed requirements study. All coding is done by our dedicated team of software developers who specialise in C# .NET and Apple Swift. Working with the .NET Framework means we can achieve high levels of integration and customisation with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications. We have built applications for a wide variety of businesses including financial services, higher education and recruitment. We use the latest agile development methods and our own unique n-Tier architecture to ensure the rapid production of a minimum viable product at a very competitive price.

Does Your Business Need Custom Software?

At ccDevnet we pride ourselves on building custom software applications that are creatively designed, well structured, rigorously tested, fully documented, reliable, scalable, secure and excellent value. Contact us today to learn more about the business benefits of custom-built software.

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