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Easy Screen Capture

Screen capture software designed for Windows desktop, goScreenCapture is a handy screen capture, mark-up and sharing software utility. goScreenCapture is the perfect free screen grabber tool for IT support, software designers, application testers and technical authors, for example. However, anyone can use goScreenCapture to grab a screenshot, makes some annotations and share with friends and colleagues. goScreenCapture is also completely free to use without restrictions.

How to Capture a Screen

Free screen capture, mark-up and share software utility
Whatever you are working on, goScreenCapture screen grabber makes it easy for you to capture a whole screenshot or just a segment of the screen. Your print screen options include whole screen capture (print your screen), a rectangular section of the screen or you can snip a selected window of the screen.

Using the Drawing Tools

goScreenCapture print screen software offers pre-defined and custom drawing tools
Like the most popular free snipping tools and screenshot editors goScreenCapture comes equipped with five preconfigured drawing tools to get you started. These are your Highlighter pen, Line, Box, Text and Text with Line. What’s really great is that you can create your own personalised drawing tools, configured just the way you want them.

Share Your Screenshots

Screen grabber software can Export and share your screenshots using the clipboard, email and managed file transfer
Having captured your screen and made some annotations, now it’s time to share your screen with others. You can save your screen grab in available image formats or send to your clipboard and then paste it into a document or presentation. You can send your screenshot by email from within the screen grabber application or use our ultra-secure managed file transfer system goTransfer.

Microsoft Paint Integration

goScreenCapture is a screenshot editor and fully integrated with MS Paint
Available on all versions of Microsoft Windows, Paint is a simple graphics editing application. You will find that goScreenCapture is fully integrated with Microsoft Paint. The addition of Paint allows you to further refine your screenshots once annotated. On sending to Paint, goScreenCapture automatically saves a copy of your screenshot to your documents folder. Click here to download our great screen grabber tool for Windows.

goScreenCapture Enterprise Edition

Screen grabber software can Export and share your screenshots using the clipboard, email and managed file transfer
goScreenCapture can be customised and deployed for private and public sector enterprise users. We can also integrate any third party applications required into goScreenCapture. Contact London based ccDevnet now to learn more about these facilities. ccDevnet also offers an IT consultancy and custom software development service for Windows client-server, native mobile and MVC web apps. Message US

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